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Personal Training Programs & More

North Bridge Fitness Center

Endurance Strength Training

  • Developed & trademarked by Joseph E. Maresca
  • Cardiovascular workout while building lean muscle
  • Weight training at a cardiovascular pace
  • Exclusive private sessions with Joseph E. Maresca*
  • *$150 per hour
A row of kettlebells are lined up on the floor.

Functional Program

  • Focuses on core, balance, & stability
  • Suitable for any age and ability level
  • Emphasizes injury prevention
  • In our facility: $125+ per hour
  • In your home or office: $175+ per hour
A picture of someone wearing boxing gloves with the words " you 've got everything, but it will take everything ".

Martial Arts Training

  • A variety of martial arts offered
  • Price: $125 per hour in facility
  • Shorter time frames are available
  • Call for In-Home Pricing
A swimming pool with blue water and red flags.

Lifeguard Services

  • Palm Beach County Lifeguard
  • Ocean & pool certified
  • $50 per hour w/three-hour minimum
  • Call to schedule an appointment
Two little girls swimming in a pool with goggles on.

Child Swim Instruction

  • Certified child instructor
  • $125 for an hour lesson
  • $20 for each additional kid
A woman is doing a handstand on the beach


  • Many types offered
  • In-facility or in-home
A woman is holding her foot while sitting on the ground.

Physical Therapy

  • Louis Miller, DC MS DACBN
  • Chiropractor for various conditions
A person is using a yellow pen to cut off the skin of their stomach.

Hormone Replacement

  • All forms of hormone replacement services
A plate of food with asparagus and salmon.


  • Jem lifestyle nutrition
  • 30 days monitored dieting
  • Price: $245
  • Stop wasting time, get results!
A person is getting their back examined by a masseuse.

Muscle & Skeletal Therapy

  • Myo-Skeletal Alignment
  • Bone Structure Alignment
  • Injury Prevention
  • Deep Tissue
  • $125 for one hour
A woman is getting her back massage done by a masseuse.

Massage Therapy

  • Sports massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage & more
  • $150 for one hour
A man squatting in front of another man.

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